3D Scanner Rental

We offer a 3D scanner rental service.

FARO 3D Laser Scanner

FARO Focus Laser Scanner FocusS Series S350


Small, extremely lightweight, and with an extended scanning range, it is especially suited for outdoor applications: FocusS 350 can scan in harsh environments, confined worksites, dusty or humid areas, or even in direct sunlight. On-site correction functions allow data quality to be optimized on site. Built-in GPS and GLONASS receivers make positioning easy. HDR imaging and HD photographic resolution ensure high-quality data and detailed, accurate scan results.


Range errors ±1mm
Measurement range 0.6m~350m
IP Standards IP54

FARO 3D Handy Laser Scanner



It can be used in a wide range of applications from construction sites to manufacturing sites and scientific investigations. The body of the handy scanner is made of lightweight carbon fiber and weighs less than 1 kg, making it extremely handy and portable. Using a tablet PC, anyone can operate the scanner even if they are not an expert operator.


3D point group accuracy 1.0 mm or less
Scan Capacity Maximum 8m³
IP Standards IP52
Operating temperature range 0 – 40°C

Rental Fee

Basic fee  FARO  3D Laser Scanner  3 days  350,000 yen

Basic fee  FARO  3D Handy Laser Scanner  3 days  150,000 yen

Shipping fee depends on the area.

Other than the above, you need to consult with us.
Please feel free to contact us.

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