We are the company that supports various production facilities such as piping, can manufacturing, machinery equipment, air conditioning, and maintenance mainly for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and paper manufacturing plant companies.

Mochizuki Kogyosho is a company that continues to be involved in all facilities of chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and food plants, not to mention its outstanding piping technology, mainly in Shizuoka, Yamanashi, and Kanagawa Prefectures.

As you can see from our construction records, since our establishment, we have been patronized by customers with advanced production technology and have been able to perform construction in harsh conditions, such as clean rooms and explosion-proof facilities.

In recent years, we have played a roll as a small engineering firm, dispatching our engineers not only to Shizuoka Prefecture, but also to anywhere in Japan and even to Asian countries.

Our basic technology covers the repair and maintenance of all facilities, such as piping, air conditioning, and heavy equipment installation. And we are a young organization with an average age 35, but we have experience in acquisition of quality and environment ISO certification and understand the regulations within the company.

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Mochizuki Kougyousyo.Co.LTD
Tatsuya Mochizuki, CEO