Energy and Cost Savings

We can help you to save energy and reduce costs.
We can achieve this with a small investment.

Energy Saving and Cost Reduction

○ Thermal Insulation ○ Partitions ○ Curtains ○ Roof Fans ○ Spot Air Conditioners ○ Air Conditioning Efficiency Improvement ○ Jet Fans ○ Ventilation Calculation ○ Optimization of Air Supply and Exhaust ○ Design for Circulation Frequency ○ Heat Insulation of Roofs, Windows, and Exterior Walls ○ Localized Exhaust

Here is an example of the energy savings we propose

Made by 3S-Optech

Initial Investment 0 yen Esco-type LED

High-quality Domestic LEDs at an Initial Investment of 0 yen

Special Heat Insulation Sheets

Keep the heat source warm to improve the environment and save energy!

Exhaust Heat Recovery System

Exhaust heat can be recovered even from low temperature zones!

Air supply system using vaporization heat

Blow dry cold air with vaporized air conditioning that doesn’t raise the humidity!

Made by JCP

Well water type unit cooler

Blow cold air at almost zero air conditioning cost by utilizing groundwater!

Insulation and Airflow Sheets

Install sheets in electric drying ovens to reduce energy emissions and cut costs!

Our Idea of Energy Saving is…

We offer proposals for all kinds of facilities to reduce environmental costs.

  1. Utilize old existing facilities as much as possible.
  2. Aim to extend the life of existing facilities and increase their service life.
  3. Increase efficiency and productivity of existing facilities.
  4. Reduce repair and maintenance costs for existing facilities.
  5. Needless to say, energy cost reduction is obvious.
  6. Consider total improvement, including piping (water, hot water, steam, fuel, air) and buildings, as well as the facilities themselves.
  7. Make small investments by connecting small attachments and additional equipment.
  8. Aim for a payback period of three years, rather than a large investment.
  9. Start with free trial installation and effectiveness verification, rather than immediate installation.
  10. Provide not only facilities but also software such as energy conservation education and subsidy information.

Support for Application for Energy Saving Subsidy

Example of Energy-Saving Construction

Click here for our track record of piping work for factories, plants, sanitary piping, cleanrooms, etc.


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