Air Conditioning Facilities

Our air conditioning facilities construction has received high construction evaluation from companies that require high cleanliness. We can also handle explosion-proof room construction and spot air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Construction Field and Technology

Exhaust and Ducting

○ Design and Construction ○ Duct Cleaning ○ Air Conditioning Duct Installation ○ Push-pull Ventilation system ○ Differential Pressure Control ○ Dew Condensation Control ○ Dust Collection Ducts ○ Air Supply Installation ○ Blower Installation ○ Review of Air Supply and Exhaust ○ Duct Expansion ○ Welding Ducts

Air Conditioning, Chillers, Freezers, Cooling Towers

○ Design and Construction ○ Renewal, Expansion, Relocation ○ Heat Exchanger Cleaning
○ Replacement of Heat Exchanger ○ High-pressure Cleaning ○ Periodic Maintenance ○ Water Quality Control ○ Chemical Injection ○ Scale Silica Control ○ Algae Control ○ Legionella Control ○ CFC Recovery ○ Pump replacement and repair ○ Drain pan ○ Hepa Filter Replacement ○ Spot Air Conditioning ○ Air Conditioning Repair ○ Compressor Replacement

We will construct the project according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Design and installation of packaged air conditioners (installation of air conditioners by Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, etc.)
  • Design and installation of constant temperature and humidity
  • Maintenance including cooling towers
  • Soundproofing for noise sources in factories
  • Proposal and design for improvement of working environment such as local exhaust ventilation, local cooling, etc.
  • General electrical work
  • Instrumentation work
  • Explosion-proof electrical work
  • Electrical work in cleanrooms
  • GMP-compliant electrical work
  • Firefighting equipment installation
  • Gas Air Conditioner Installation
  • Air Conditioner CFC Gas Recovery
  • Production of documents related to government offices
  • Air Conditioner Design and Construction
  • Air Conditioning Construction
  • Insulation work
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Design and Planning of Air Conditioning Equipment
Maintenance and Improvement

We offer design and construction services for packaged air conditioning systems, including piping and equipment installation, as well as local exhaust ventilation and local cooling.

Inspection, Regular Maintenance, Validation

We can handle maintenance, servicing, and validation, including cooling towers.

  • Energy/Source Saving Equipment
  • Spot Air Conditioning
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation/Environmental Improvement Work
  • Equipment Maintenance/CFC Recovery

Troubleshooting and Repair

If you have any problems or troubles related to air conditioning, please contact us.

  • Indoor equipment generates a lot of heat, but we want to improve the working environment.
  • Is there any way to save more energy?
  • Humidity is high and condensation occurs.
  • Improvement of indoor cleanliness

Example of Air Conditioning Construction

Click here for our track record of piping work for factories, plants, sanitary piping, cleanrooms, etc.


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