Manufacturing Machinery Facilities

Designing and manufacturing equipment is our expertise. With our outstanding track record and experience, we are improving our skills to go beyond the realm of a piping contractor.

Machinery and Equipment Construction Field

Steam Boilers

○ Installation ○ Relocation and removal ○ Replacement of Water Softener
○ Repair of Water Tank ○ Waste Heat Recovery ○ Heat Insulation ○ Steam Loss Reduction


○ Design and Construction ○ Renewal, Expansion, Relocation ○ Quantity Control ○ Pressure control ○Turbo ○Reciprocation ○Screw ○ High pressure ○ Maintenance ○ Improvement of Air Supply and Exhaust ○ Exhaust Heat Treatment ○ Exhaust Duct Insulation ○ High Pressure Cutting Measures ○ Noise Prevention

Design and Manufacturing of Tanks and Trestles

○ Design and Production ○ Cleaning ○ Repair ○ Corrosion Prevention ○ Strong Acid, Strong Base ○ SUS ○ FRP ○ Zinc Plating ○Narrow Space Installation ○High Space Installation ○Foundation Work ○Base production for each equipment ○ Steps, Walkways, Stairs, Handrails ○ Pipe Racks ○ Pressure Vessels


Technology for Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment, Canning, Sheet Metal, Trestles, etc.

Manufacturing Support

  • Precision sheet metal for single items is possible
  • Design and manufacturing of chemical tanks
  • Design and manufacturing of pressure vessels
  • Lightning rod equipment construction
  • Fire fighting facilities construction
  • Production of documents related to government offices

Design and Planning

We also perform precise can manufacturing work to meet multifaceted orders.
By applying and combining commercially available products, we plan for high performance that surpasses existing products at a reasonable cost.

HACCP Support

We can also provide consultation on facility improvements to comply with HACCP.

Surface Treatment Support

製造機械設備 ステンレス電解研磨 パシベート処理

Stainless Steel Electropolishing

Stainless steel electrical polishing (EP) treatment is used to polish corners and inside pipes that are difficult to polish by physical polishing. This process improves corrosion resistance and removes more invisible dirt and scratches, resulting in a higher quality.

Passivation Treatment

Passivation treatment is also available. Corrosion prevention treatment is applied according to the product material and processing to prevent corrosion.

Maintenance and Repair

Inspection, Regular Maintenance, Validation
Troubleshooting and Repair

We are available for maintenance, servicing, and validation of machinery and equipment.
Quick response to problems.

  • Energy/Source Saving Equipment
  • Spot Air Conditioning
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation/Environmental Improvement Work
  • Equipment Maintenance/CFC Recovery
製造機械設備のメンテナンス 改善 トラブル対応 修理製造機械設備のメンテナンス 改善 トラブル対応 修理製造機械設備のメンテナンス 改善 トラブル対応 修理

Example of Manufacturing Machinery and Facilities Construction

Click here for our track record of piping work for factories, plants, sanitary piping, cleanrooms, etc.


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